Rekey Locks

One of the basic services that we provide is Rekeying locks. To the most part, rekeying is a simple task. However, and like any other trade, some locks requires more work than others.

Rekeying your lock is not the same as changing them. Changing, is as simple as it sounds and describes the art or replacing existing hardware with new one. This doesn’t means you don’t have to rekey your locks, because you probably will need to rekey your locks, in order to use a single key for your house or office, while rekeying is simply removing the hardware from the door, changing the pins inside the lock to mach a new key and re-installing it back on.

A good locksmith can assist you determine whether you locks can be re-used or needs to be replaced.

Why & Who

Most people will rekey their home or business locks several times in their life due to life expected and un-expected moments. This is why working with a professional, trustworthy & reliable locksmith is important.

keypad deadbolt lockListed below are the most popular reasons to rekey a house/ business lock:

  • Tenant move in/ move out
  • Burglary
  • Missing key
  • Rekey after closing on a new home
  • Relationship is over
  • Keys distributed to friends or family members


We sell & service most locks & locks related hardware brands (Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin, Ashley Norton, Weiser, etc). We rekey commercial locks, exit devices (panic bar lock), storefront lock, office locks rekey and all residential lock hardware.

When it comes to trade services, local is always better than a nationwide corporation. The customer service level, familiarity with the service area, flexibility and personalize service are factors that cannot be underestimated.